et al

Radio Migra
Et Al
Monterrey, México
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Queretaro, Mexico

Our collective interests rely mainly in creating own ways and experiences through sound, we like to assimilate this project as an open source of sound for everyone to explore and reshape, to imagine new atmospheres, create connections with nature/anthropogenia. We identify with contemporary thought as well as traditional one, union of opposites offering subtle cathartic guidelines.

The piece is composed of a quadraphonic sound art installation, and a Binaural broadcast for portable signal recievers interpolating space and sound experience.  The piece is composed of two works, a soundscape stereo composition, and a quadraphonic sound composition. The sonic materials displayed are different field recordings from Central and Northeastern Mexico and South-East South-West USA, as well as a recording from traditional Mexican music. The field recordings were primarily focused in Bird Migration, they were registered in 4 stages: 

Anthropogenic, Urban natural reserve, Ejidal community, Natura. The title of this piece is Radio Migra, alluding to the yet unstoppable phenomena of bird migration even through political borders, being these last ones for “avian” purposes -Minimally existent-. 

The quadraphonic is a sonic manipulation of this recordings as well as ‘digital media-generated sounds’. The artistic intention is to mutate the soundscape and traditional music into one and another. The sonic transformations are developed by performing different timbral and granular modifications along with spatial shifts. The transformation will encode the space reflection of each field recording. The soundscape consists of 4 sections that round from antropogenia to wild country, with two middle zones in between (urban natural reserve and ejidal community). The final composition work was done by these three mexican artists at a distance from Queretaro and Monterrey (Mexico), as well as Santa Cruz (US).

As central theme is the idea of “migration territory” and regionalism. This can be reflected on travels performed while doing the field recordings, and in various aspects of this proposed project, such as, sound acoustics (pitch trajectory), bio-acoustics, territorial analysis, contemporary political scenery, the act of travelling and our own development in this project which has been “at a distance”.